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10 Tips To Making a DJ Mixtape

10 Tips To Making a DJ Mixtape

1. Plan Ur Mix

  • Pick a Title, Pick a Genre, Pick a Style.
  • Who will the mix be for ? 
  • How many tracks ? 
  • Will you be using acapellas? Samples? Scratching Techniques ? 
  • Set up your cue pts & practice any hard mixes.

2. Test Ur Levels

  • Make sure the music is of good quality.
  • Open your recording software.
  • Load up some tracks on both Decks & use this to check your recording levels.
  • Adjust the levels to make sure you are not peaking in the red.

3. Starting Checklist

  • Have everything you need nearby.
  • Have pen & paper to hand to take notes during recording.
  • Remove distractions from the area you are recording in.
  • Turn off the Phone.
  • Make sure you hit record on your software before you start your mix.

4. Mix Notes

  • Have a plan for the mix.
  • Clearly set out your track Listing including BPM / Keys etc.

5. Document The Mix

  • Take notes as you record the mix.
  • Document mistakes & the times where they take place.

6. Back Up

  • Name the recording & save it.
  • Make a copy of the mix & rename it edit version.
  • Where possible BackUp the file to an external hard drive.

7. Editing & Quality

  • Top & Tail the file so that it starts & finishes smoothly.
  • Correct any mistakes from the recording & your notes.
  • Add any markers if putting on CD formatt.

8. Mastering & Fleshing out Mix

  • Open your Mastering Plugin.
  • Look for tracks that are too quiet or too Loud during the mix.
  • Pick your settings for formatting, Highlight the mix, set the threshold & compress the mix.

9. Exporting & Saving Mix

  • Add track Markers
  • Save as an easy to find & memorable name.
  • Export.

10. Promoting The Mix

  • Upload the mix to Mixcloud / Soundcloud & youtube.
  • Share the links on your social Media outlets.
  • Burn to CD & hand out to Bar / Nightclub promoters & owners.
  • Commit to making regular Mixtapes.