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10 Rules Of DJing

10 Rules Of DJing

Welcome to the DJ Keith Healy 10 rules of DJing blog. Below I have a look at 10 rules of DJing
for Club DJs but a lot of these rules can also cross over into Mobile DJing as well.

Recently Laidback Luke shared his 10 rules of DJing so using them as a foundation, I put my own spin on them and shared from own personal experiences.

Rule No.1 - Tap Into The People Around You
If a gig is not going to plan and you are struggling to fill the dance-floor, a little tip here is to pick little pockets of people and play to them and what they like, then pick another pocket of people and play some songs they like, make different parts of the room happy and then bring them all together with one or two Big Tracks. Keep working the room as much as you can and every now & then drop one or two massive tunes that brings everyone together. As the night goes on the energy levels should start to go up in the room or club and more people will start to feel the vibe you are creating and enjoy the night.

Rule No.2 - Never Play the Same Set Twice
So what this means is if you find a good Combo of songs that play well together, don’t be afraid to mix up the middle songs and find other songs that work well in the combo. Sometimes we find a set that works really well and might fall into the trap of playing it again and again. To overcome this you can always keep mixing up the middle track in the combo and keep your sets fresh.

Rule No.3 - Play To The Energy Of The Room
Mixing music in key can sound very good but its much more important to look at the elements of a song such as the energy of the track. Its all about playing the right track for the right crowd at the right time. Drop the right song for the crowd and they will keep the vibe going, get the song wrong and you could lose some momentum on the dance floor.

Rule No.4 - If the mix is going well mix long and if the mix is going wrong then mix short

This rule goes without saying, If it sounds good let it play, let it weave into each other and if the mix is off Key cut it short, keep it tight and get out of there. When something works maximise it to your benefit and use it to showcase your skill and ability.

Rule No.5 - Touch The Music & Grab The Decks
Keep the music in Vinyl Mode, grab the music, feel in control of the music, simple things like a back spin or a spin forward. People like to feel like the DJ is in control and they want to hear him grab the music and drop in new beats even with a simple scratch. This can be easily executed when beat-matching your transitions.

Rule No.6 - Don't Be Afraid To Make A Mistake

Never let fear stop you from trying out something new in your mix and don't be afraid to make a mistake. If you make a mistake like take the fader out at the wrong time, maybe do it again two or three times to own the mistake. When you hear mistakes it lets you know what the DJ is doing is real, it’s not pre-recorded!!

Rule No.7 - Turn Off Any Auto Sync Modes
Don’t rely on the Sync button to do everything, turn off some of the functions and test things out yourself. Get comfortable with your gear and feel confident in knowing how to get the best performance out of yourself as a DJ.

Rule No.8 - Always Have A Plan
What can I play next, what can I do next?? Where do I go next.

Try to think ahead and about how you can work the Dance-floor. The old saying here comes to mind, fail to prepare and you are preparing to fail. Don't let this happen to you in the middle of a gig. Be prepared as much as possible.

Rule No.9 - Get In The Zone 

Think ahead, like three, four tracks ahead. If a request comes in and you think its a good idea but its a different genre to what is currently playing, think how can I work this into my set, how can I bridge the gaps to make it happen. Alway's important to keep those transitions smooth and seamless. 

Rule No.10 - Don’t Just Show Up, Turn Up

This is more about the performance and people will be looking at you, party with the crowd, engage with the crowd, don’t be afraid to look up and enjoy the atmosphere, soak it up, dance to the songs and get into the mood that you are setting. If people see you are enjoying the vibe then there is a better chance of them buying into what you are trying to create on the night.

So thats it, 10 rules of DJing for you to follow and try out the next time you are gigging. Feel free to comment on any of the above and let me know some of the rules that you follow when you are gigging. 

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